My Passions

My personal website to bring all my passions under one roof, that includes the following - Science (Quantum Physics, Evolutionary Biology, Neuro Science) and Technology (Blockchain, Microservices), Sketching and Painting, Photography, Religion (Eastern Mysticism) and Spirituality etc. and I am a born Atheist.

Rene Descartes French Philosopher, Mathematician, and Scientist and father of the modern western philosophy made his famous statement

Cogito Ergo Sum – I think, therefore I am.

The basic error in this philosophy is equating thinking with Being.  I feel the Descartes statement needs to be redefined as follows

 I think, therefore I created my "Self"

Thinking creates the self which traps us in our mind’s prison. This makes us believe that we are nothing but our ‘Self’ which is in our mind. When this concept of self gets strong it results in a very strong Ego means you have become self centered. Buddha achieved the opposite of this through Vipasana mediation - Selflessness / Nirvana - Completely detached from the self. According to the latest research in Neuroscience Self is an illusion.

So, if you have the power to create the "Self" then you have the power to detach from it (like Buddha did).

My Journey

  • My journey started long before I was born and it will not end with my death. The Journey towards Eternity - In search of our existence.
  • I think, therefore, I created my "Self" 
  • Araf Karsh Hamid

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