Araf Karsh has with over 27 years of experience leading the design and development of mission-critical, object-oriented and web-based applications for premier organizations including Bank of America, CIBC, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Dept of Energy. Karsh has an established track record of leading production software organizations and bringing new products to market using leading-edge technology. 

He has extensive knowledge of Microservices, Containers (Docker), Blockchain, SOA and key foundational technologies. He is well versed in building highly scalable and high performance distributed applications using Java technologies. 

Training, mentoring and motivating his people is his first passion. He says chess taught him the importance of doing this, a pawn (or a rookie) can become the king when it reaches the other end, the challenge is to take it that far. But he is also known to demand a lot from his teams and again he uses a chess metaphor to explain that the worst enemy of a strategist is the clock.

Karsh focuses on Designing & Architecting innovative solutions for business problems which will be cost effective while using leading-edge technologies. He uses his leadership skills in team building, technology research while managing the creative aspect of software building, motivating and empowering team members to come up with new innovative solutions.

His core strength includes building Corporate IT strategy with cutting edge technologies which align with the organizational goals and vision. He is passionate about building innovative products around SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) Apps, IoT (Internet of Things) Apps, Big Data Analytics, IT Security & GRC domain.

Karsh maintains a blog which talks about his other passions like Relativity & Quantum Physics, Eastern Mysticism, Genetics & Evolutionary Biology, Economics etc., apart from Technology & IT Security.


Comprehensive security structure platform for network managers

Jan 2011  US Patent number: 7877804
A computer system and method for detecting and monitoring network intrusion events from log data received from network service devices in a computer network, the computer system having discrete modules associated with a function performed on the log data received.

Unification of Security Monitoring and IT GRC

Nov 2011  US Patent Number: 20110289588
A method of effective information governance and risk management includes Integrating security monitoring and compliance management application silos. The integrated silos are delivered through a cloud based infrastructure.

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MetaMagic Global Inc, NJ, USA

Buck, Ketan and Karsh

Started in Jan 03, 2017

I started the MetaMagic company along with my friends Buck Kulkarni and Ketan Gote focusing on the following technology landscapes.


  • UI/UX based on Angular Platform
  • Microservices (Building an Automation Platform)
  • Blockchain (Building an Automation Platform)

Indian operations started on March 7th. 2017 in Pune, India and moved into our new office in Amanora Business centre in June 2017. 

  • Launched our 1st product Amexio in June 2017 and our 
  • 2nd product (Academia) MetaArivu focusing on Blockchain and Microservices workshops launched in April 2018 and the 
  • 3rd product Amexio Canvas Lite launched in May 2018.


Araf Karsh Hamid

Araf Karsh Hamid


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Smitha and Karsh

Smitha & Karsh

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